Who We Are

JoelJoel K Young has been living and working in the technology world for over 30 years – enabling machines to communicate with backend applications to drive business value.  He has a unique combination in knowledge and experience which covers embedded systems, large software systems, wireless communications, and security.  He has worked in start-ups and large multi-nationals in both public and private settings.  His business experience covers engineering, product management, and sales.

He began at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he was one the team members that defined and implemented signaling systems for worldwide telephony; technology that is still in use around the world today.  After a stint in security and public safety radio systems, he spent 17 years in product and technology implementation in a space that evolved to be the Internet of Things as CTO of Digi International.  As Chair of the IoT M2M Council (IMC), he has been a leading advocate of taking complexity out of the IoT, making it easier to bring buyers and sellers together. His patent portfolio of 16 patents covers the breadth of his experience in wireless communications, cloud based software and secure embedded systems.

For more information on how we can make IoT work for you, contact us at info@IoT-Advisors.net.