What We Do

At IoT Advisors, we offer a variety of consulting options depending on what your needs are and where you play in the broader eco-system.   The following is a general list of offerings, but we can tailor our services to meet any of your specific needs.

Executive Assessment – Quick session to provide initial feedback on what to do and where to go.  Sometimes companies need a sounding board to offer candid feedback, a sanity check, or directional input.  This quick assessment is meant to do just that.

Business and Market Strategy – Includes an evaluation, assessment, and recommendations and how to leverage IoT processes and models to deliver the business transformation.  The output includes a direction based on a more in-depth analysis on the comparative markets, competition, and approaches.

Technology Strategy – Includes an evaluation, assessment, and recommendations on how to best select and leverage contemporary technologies to achieve IoT technology goals. This maps your deployment environment to the right technology and may also involve introduction to key technology suppliers.

Implementation Engagement – This is a longer term engagement where we offer direct guidance, planning, and management to get your strategic project off the ground.  This executive coaching in technology and or business implementation augments your existing staff with subject matter leadership and expertise.

Custom Tailored Engagement – We believe each company is unique and there is never a “one size fits all” solution.  We are happy to customize an offering based on what your business needs to be successful in the world of connected things. Call us to discuss.